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Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration constantly strives to improve its working methods and procedures

Statement by Ambassador Barbara Žvokelj, Permanent Representative of Slovenia to the IAEA, at the meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors, on Nuclear and radiation safety (Agenda item 5), Vienna, 14 September 2020

Thank you, Madame Chairperson,

In addition to what has been said about the report on behalf of the European Union, I would like to make some comments in my national capacity.

Madame Chairperson,

I would like to commend the Director General and the Secretariat for preparing a comprehensive review of the Agency and Member States activities in the area of nuclear and radiation safety pursuant to the resolution GC(63)/RES/7.

Since the last report the global situation with the COVID-19 pandemic caused postponement or cancellation of national and international activities related to nuclear and radiation safety. We are gradually getting accustomed to virtual events, but we are convinced that the efficiency and the benefits of virtual events are yet to be evaluated. We are looking forward to a time when events can be organized in the usual fashion. We can share the optimism that events will be postponed until late 2020 and early 2021, but we should be prepared that the limitations will be extended into the next year.

The Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration constantly strives to improve its working methods and procedures to provide maximum output with resources that are available. For us, the International Conference on Effective Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Systems held in November 2019 in the Hague was an excellent opportunity to learn, exchange views and also contribute to the work of the conference with two papers.

It was a pleasure for Slovenian experts to take part in all three Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) missions organized last year, namely in Canada, the UK and Latvia, as well as in the IRRS follow-ups in Croatia and Japan. Slovenia also plans to host the IRRS and ARTEMIS missions in early 2022.

Technical meetings, such as meetings on current practices in the transition from emergency operating procedures to severe accident management guidelines, are always of interest to Slovenian experts. We implemented the enhanced Unified System for Information Exchange in Incidents and emergencies (USIE) and we welcome the successful introduction of interface between the USIE and the European Commission’s WebECURIE. In addition, Slovenia offers assistance to the countries in need via RANET network, such as the assistance provided to Lebanon by offering laboratory measurements of environmental samples.

With this, we take note of the Director General's report.

Thank you, Madame Chairperson.