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Slovenia extensively uses review services provided by the Agency with the aim that arrangements to maintain and strengthen Krško NPP safety remain in conformity with international standards

Statement by the Delegation of Slovenia, at the meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors, on the Nuclear Safety Review 2020 (Agenda item 3), Vienna, 9 March 2020

Madame Chairperson,

Slovenia, as one of thirty countries with operating nuclear power plant, attaches great importance to nuclear safety. In addition, to what has been said on behalf of the European Union, I would therefore like to make several remarks in my national capacity.

Let me focus today on four points:
1. Our Krško NPP is one of the ageing plants of the world’s nuclear fleet with almost forty years of operation. That is why Slovenia extensively uses review services provided by the Agency. So far, we hosted four OSART missions, which practically means one every ten years. Safety reviews focus primarily on physical ageing management and may not systematically consider other elements, therefore, we decided that in the framework of a periodic safety review we will also host a Safety Aspects of Long-Term Operation (SALTO) mission. This review would aim at independently verifying that the arrangements to maintain and strengthen the plant safety remain in conformity with international standards.

2. I would like to emphasize that human resource policies need to support long term operation and those policies could benefit from enhanced knowledge management and transfer of knowledge between generations. This was also one of the messages that echoed from the International Conference on Effective Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Systems last November that representatives of the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration also attended, together with more than 200 participants, as noted in report.
Madame Chairperson,

3. On the issue of radiation protection of the environment and remediation mentioned on page 30, I would like to highlight that my country has ample experience in measuring environmental radioactivity and modelling transport of tiny amounts of isotopes, which enables our scientists to actively participate in the program on Modelling and Data for Radiological Impact Assessment (MODARIA II). Moreover, this program aims at assessment of exposure levels of the public and in the environment to ensure an appropriate level of radiation protection.

4. Harmonization of emergency preparedness and response arrangements in line with the requirements of GSR Part 7 remains our important priority. Effective information exchange and communication during emergencies is the essential element for assessing the situation and recommending the protective actions. Slovenia has been applying IAEA Unified System for Information Exchange in Incidents and Emergencies (USIE) since its introduction. In our own experience, this system matured, and it is user friendly 24/7 state-of-the art system, which ensures efficient and timely information in case of emergency. It has all features, which are necessary to provide information in line with the Early Notification Convention. I would also like to report that Slovenia maintains its membership in the Agency’s Response and Assistance Network (RANET) and supports activities related to the International Radiation Monitoring Information System (IRMIS).

Let me conclude, Madame Chairperson, that Slovenia recognizes Agency's unique role in coordinating international efforts in enhancing nuclear and radiation safety and numerous subareas. We appreciate Secretariat’s effort in the huge number of activities contributing to global safety in harnessing nuclear power and radiation technologies. The Nuclear Safety Review 2020 duly reflects all events, incentives and programmes conducted and coordinated under the auspices of the Agency and the priorities of its future work.

With this, our Delegation takes note of the Nuclear Safety Review 2020 as contained in the document GOV/2020/2.

Thank you.