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Slovenia looks forward to working closely with the IAEA under the leadership of new Director General

Madame President,

I would like to join other countries in warmly congratulating Ambassador Rafael Grossi of Argentina on his appointment as the new Director General of the IAEA. His confirmation by the acclamation is a clear testament of unwavering support and confidence he enjoys among the IAEA membership.

Ambassador Grossi brings to this position reach experiences in the field of non-proliferation, extensive diplomatic skills, and strong political acumen, which will help him to steer the Agency with great determination and responsibility through the challenges it faces.

Madame President,

Slovenia, as one of the thirty countries with full-fledged civilian nuclear program, has always attached great importance to its relationship with the Agency. In this connection, I would like to ensure the Director General our readiness to work with him closely on all main areas of the Agency's activities and to further strengthen its unique and essential contribution to global peace, security and development.

Before concluding, I would also like to express our expectations that Ambassador Grossi will continue to carry on the work related to advancing gender equality within the Agency started by late Director General Amano. We sincerely hope that in his new capacity Ambassador Grossi will remain active Gender Champion and that he will take up new commitments aimed at achieving gender parity throughout the IAEA Secretariat and even more systematic approach to gender mainstreaming into Agency's work and programmes.

Madame President,

In conclusion, allow me also to commend Acting Director General, Ambassador Feruta of Romania, for his dedicated, professional and responsible leadership during these past months. Especially, I would like to thank him for his open and sincere cooperation with our delegation. I also wish him every success in his future career as well as personally.

Thank you.